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Simulador de Ônibus (Bus Driver)

Obs: NÃO É NECESSÁRIO CRACKEAR ! Jogo→http://www.4shared.com/file/6F1EiAQH/P_Bus_Driver_10_by_yerdenizden.htm.

Proton bus simulator v57: New bus check the link⬇☟

Skip 0:58-1:48.NEW BUS! A low floor from São Paulo, this will be one of the best buses in this game. * Improved interface. It is easier activating the D/N/R and ...

Download Bus Brasil simulator


Proton bus simulator: Update Version 33 read description

Improved User Interface! From v32: * Fixed: passengers exiting the bus now walks * Two new skins (Mauá and Manaus) * Option to disable the annoying (but ...

(Subway Simulator New York)I Bad At This Game!

Really Cool.

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